Opinions on X-Long Strap for Denim Baggy GM, Please?

  1. Is there anyone else carrying a Denim Baggy GM with the longer strap for wearing cross-body? How low on the body do you wear the bag? And, does it rest against your stomach, your hip, or the side of your body or leg? This has been my first weekend using my Denim Baggy GM (in awesome lichen... so spring-y!) I'm 5'4" and, shall we say, not on the thinnish side? I currently have the longer strap buckled at the 3rd hole on each side. I had it even longer at first, but the bag dangled way too low, and I just wonder if there is a "right" way to do this? Or a more attractive way? I really don't want to walk around with a really expensive LV bag looking like a dork!:nuts:
  2. thanks for asking this because i'm in the exact same boat as you! i've been wanting to know if i should invest in the long strap for the baggy gm too ;).
  3. I have the Baggy GM (and PM) with both straps, but I do have to say that the Baggy PM loooks much better with the longer strap than the GM...

    I think the bag is too long, and the strap too!

    Maybe if worn messenger style it would look more attractive...?
  4. ^^ Ita!
  5. I don't have a baggy gm but my friend does and she wears it on the long strap. I think it looks pretty good and it is really handy. She wears it on her hip. I have a baggy pm and a long strap and I find if I wear it any lower on my hip it moves too much each time I take a step.
  6. I have the baggy GM with the longer strap and have no issues with the strap at all ...I prefer wearing it across body than on my shoulder:yes:
  7. The xl strap works GREAT with the baggy pm, that becomes very "casual chic":yes: !
    I like to feel her near my hips and put the hand in her "socket" while walking:love:...
  8. ...IMO the baggy GM is REAAALLLY BETTER with the short strap. More elegant! It's a to long bag for the longer strap!
  9. ...IMO the baggy GM is REAAALLLY BETTER with the short strap. More elegant! It's a to long bag for the longer strap!

  10. I purchased the longer strap on both my baggy GM's. I needed it because of my 5 month old. I'm a bit on the thicker side and it rests on my hip when I wear it messenger style. I personally like it with the longer strap.
  11. Hi, beth001 here (OP.) Just in case there was any confusion, I did mean wearing it messenger-style (X-body.) Thanks for all the terrific responses. It is so cool to post late at night, go to bed, wake up, check the thread and read responses from LV friends all over the globe!:smile:
  12. How much does the strap cost for the PM and GM? thanks
  13. The same longer strap can be attached to both the Baggy PM and GM. Right now it's retailing at $125 on eLuxury, and they have it in stock.:yes:
  14. ^^^Thanks LVixen, that's not too bad. I love your picture! I just bought the baggy pm and I love it!
  15. I have the longer strap for my baggy gm and love it.