Opinions on White Caviar - Does it stain or get dirty easy?

  1. I have read both ways around here, I am thinking of a flap in white caviar, but don't want to have to be overly careful...
  2. I have had the white jumbo classic flap for 4 months, use it all the time and it is pristine. I have had no color transfer issues either. I did spray the bag with a water/stain repellant when I first got it. I love this bag. The white is beautiful.
  3. I ADORE my white caviar flap! I don't feel the need to baby it at all.

    Clandy, what spray did you use on your flap?
  4. I just sold my white caviar flap for a white caviar modern chain...I didn't use it much but I have a pink one also that has been very stain proof. I have had no issues with caviar leather needing to be babied. I am considering spraying my new white modern chain with the Apple product line that I have though as I know I will use this size bag a lot more. Modern chains are my work horse bags!
  5. :nuts::love::nuts:

    Your bag must be stunning!!!!!!!!
    I appreciate this thread, It so good to hear that the white caviar seems pretty durable!
  6. I have had my caviar flap for over a year and it still looks brand new. It's a pretty amazing bag!
  7. second all of the comments above.
    I have a white caviar flap since Nov last year, used it many times and it still looks brand new :yes: and I'm pretty careless.
  8. I have had no issues keeping white caviar clean. If I do get something on it, it wipes off easily with a baby wipe. No worries!
  9. I use Synovia Leather Protector on all my good bags and shoes. I have never had a problem using it. They also sell a suede protector and a fabric protector. I have tried Appleguard (I think that is what it is called) and it seemed heavier and did not dry as quickly. I was concerned that it might spot delicate leathers. So I am sticking with Synovia. I buy it at Nordstroms.
  10. I have a white caviar jumbo and I've used it quite a bit this spring and summer and it looks like the day I bought it. No transfer issues either. Go for it.
  11. Hi, amazing....I wear alot of jeans.... no color transfer from jeans to purse?
  12. great question. Thanks for all the answers because I was wondering about that too.
  13. I have a white caviar tote that I have carried everyday since March. I have not had any prob with stains. The white lining is a litttle grey tho. When u buy Chanel, u can send ur bag back to be refurbished within the first year for free(hold onto receipt) so I will send my white tote away for a little spa treatment in a few weeks!
  14. I think on light-colored caviar, dirt marks can always be wiped off easily.
  15. Thanks for the tip Clandy!! :flowers: