Opinions on which bag...


Choose a bag for my laptop.....

  1. LV RED epi passy GM

  2. LV RED epi passy (the smaller version)

  3. LV Red epi Speedy 30

  4. LV Sac Bosphore

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  1. I need a laptop bag for my 12" powerbook g4 (10.6 x 8.5 x 1.5). Here's what I've come up with please vote the one you think would be the best. I will be putting by laptop in a foof bag (which is like a protective sleeve) before putting it in the bag. Thanks!!
  2. I saw the red Epi Passy GM and LOVED it! Gonna be my b-day gift for myself :smile:
  3. EPI PASSY PM!!!!!!! it's gorgeous!
  4. the Epi Passy GM would be more practical, i think. it's probably easier to take your laptop in and out of than the Speedy
  5. I think the Bosphore is more suitable as a laptop bag. The Speedy would sag like crazy, and the Passy is very classy for the workplace...but isn't there a compartment in the middle in the Passy?
  6. I agree. totally agree...