Opinions on which bag to buy please..


Which bag is nicer out of these two?

  1. Michael Kors

  2. Rebecca Minkoff

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  1. Ok,

    Im after a small/medium black bag similar to the styles shown below. I intend to wear them on the crook of my arm, so Im not looking for a shoulder bag. If anyone has any more recommendations for similar styled bags in black, please post them.

    So I have narrowed it down to these two bags.
    Michael Kors Brookville medium bowling bag.......


    Or Rebecca Minkoff MA mini....


    Which is nicer please?
  2. I think the RM bag looks more chic and unique!
  3. I voted for the Minkoff, it's more elegant and feminine, you can use it when going to work and also for a night out.
    Regina :tup:
  4. RM's is waaay prettier, IMO. I think the leather looks much better on RM and I don't like the white stitching and silver hardware on MK.

  5. Morning After Mini wins by a mile, in my book!
  6. Minkoff! Not a big fan of the topstitching and RM leathers are awesome. You should be able to fit the MAM on your shoulder, too, if you so choose.
  7. RM all the way for this!

    I'm not a contrast-stitching kind of gal
  8. I think the RM looks more classy.
  9. Hands down, go for the RM. I have a couple of MK bags and like them alot. They're great. But the Morning After is my all-time favorite. And, I'm not feeling the contrast stitching on the MK, either.
  10. Definitely go with the RM.

    The MK looks cheap. It looks like one of those vinyl handbags you'd get at Target or Walmart.
  11. I vote for the RM no contest! The shape is much nicer IMO and looks like a more expensive bag :smile:
  12. I choose the RM.
  13. RM all the way!
  14. I don't like the silver buckles on the Michael Kors bag. It doesn't look right. The RM is much more chic!
  15. Definitely the RM :tup::heart: