Opinions on what to do with my ballon bleu?


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Aug 13, 2011
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Hi all, I wasn’t sure where to post this since it’s a watch question- if a mod can move this to the appropriate place that would be great.

I have not bought any jewelry for myself in quite a while. And I’ve always regretted getting the 28mm ballon bleu. It’s stunning and looks so elegant and chic on my tiny wrists. But I wish i went a size bigger. I was pushed towards the smaller size and I tried to justify it to myself by thinking I’d layer it with my love bangle. Spoiler alert- I do not.

I contacted the authorized reseller I bought it from and they are pricing it considerable lower than what I purchased it originally.

I’ve kept the watch in my deposit box and have worn my Apple Watch instead.

what would be the best route to proceed? Do I have to accept and keep the watch as is? Do I lose money and get the larger size? Do I sell and not repurchase?

if you say to still Upgrade- is it worth it to buy second hand? I’ve always bought new pieces so I don’t have any experience in that arena. Thanks.


Dec 28, 2019
If you don’t wear it - sell it! Look around, get the best quote and put money towards a bigger size watch you would wear. I’d probably be more comfortable buying a new watch, but if I found something no older that 2 years and considerably cheaper then why not. Good luck

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Jun 12, 2006
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Sell and buy what you love! I’ve been selling a lot of my unused items and getting new ones. It’s a great feeling!