Opinions on what to buy next....

  1. I desperatley want 3 LV items right now. All are in Mono and they are: Speedy 25, an envelope style wallet (not sure exactly which one I want) and the Pochette Cosmetique. What do you think I should buy first? I would love to buy all NOW but I think I may have to spread it out over a few months.

    I currently carry the Bagnotilles Horizontal as my everyday bag. LOVE IT!!

    I had the Speedy 30 and although it is beautiful and fabulous, I returned it because it was too big for me.

    Also, do you suggest I buy a used Speedy on eBay? Vintage, perhaps?

  2. I would get the bag first, then get the accessories as you can.
  3. I agree. Speedy first, then the other things later.
  4. ALWAYS get the bag first, then the accessories! I love my mono 25 so much, it's so versatile. I know what you mean about 30 being big!
  5. speedy first
  6. The Speedy is going to to be way more useful. It is a staple in any collection.
    Go forth and buy you won't be sorry.
  7. Speedy
  8. speedy first!
  9. I would get the Speedy first.

    As for purchasing one on eBay, I am always amazed that the prices for a used Speedy on eBay are so close to the price for a new one. I would rather spend an extra $50-100 for a brand new one.
  10. get the bag first...
  11. Speedy
  12. Definitely the Speedy first!
  13. Speedy first, for sure! You'll LOVE it!
  14. I'll be the odd one out and say "the wallet" since you already have the BH ... unless of course you already have an LV wallet ... then by all means get the speedy!
  15. Unless you want one of the new LE Pochette Cless for valentine's day. I agree bag first