Opinions on what I just ordered.....

  1. Hey everyone...I just got off the phone with 866-Vuitton and the woman that helped me was one of the nicest people I've dealt with so far--last time I called they were very rude. I was able to locate the following two pieces: Leopard and Monogram scarf (more of a bandeau-and last one in the country I must add :yahoo:) and the Pochette Plate GM in pink from the Antigua line and I also got a pochette strap so I could use it as a wristlet or clutch for Spring/Summer. I was able to find these in the Palo Alto store in CA and the SA that helped me was so nice (I think I'll send her a thank you card when I receive my items). Does anyone think the pink color is too obnoxious (it is very bright-but I love pink)? Thoughts on the scarf/bandeau? I already own the white MC bandeau and I really like it. Pics are below. (sorry for the long post-I'm excited about the scarf!)
  2. Congrats! No, the color is not obnoxious! It's very feminine...
  3. Did 1866 direct your call to Palo Alto?
  4. :nuts: :heart: the scarf :heart: the pochette!! The scarf is gorgeous and so unique, and no that pink is not obnoxious, I think it's really pretty and girly, totally a color I'd buy myself. Enjoy your new purchases!!:smile:
  5. Yes they connected me directly to Palo Alto. Last time they just gave me the store locations and numbers and I had to call them myself.
  6. They are bolth lovely.
  7. Thanks guys....I really wanted something pink and was looking at a Lexington in Framboise, but that's too expensive for me for such a little bag and I think the Vernis line is kinda delicate when it comes to scuffs, stains, etc.
  8. Pics disappeared for some reason....here they are!
    Leopard-mono scarf.JPG PinkPochette.JPG
  9. love the color :smile:
  10. Congrats!!!! :nuts:
  11. I just bought this too....I really need to stop!! :yes:
  12. lol. You've got an LV disease!!!
  13. This forum is not good on my wallet!:p
  14. Wow congrats on your buys! I can't wait to see how you use the Antigua Plate as a clutch. I really haven't considered that, but I can see it going well with lazy summer outfits.