opinions on "washed rose" colored leather

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  1. I know this color is from a few seasons ago....I have never seen a bag in washed rose IRL, but after seeing pics in the forum I'm obsessed. Who has a bag in this color or has seen it in person? How difficult are they to find? Is it a classic neutral? Thanks!!:wlae:
  2. I love this color! I have a Washed Rose Stella and it is one of my favorite bags. I think it is very neutral. I consider it more of a brown-ish shade than a pink, but it does have some pink to it. I think it is a very wearable shade. Not sure how rare it is.

  3. Thanks! I really love it too because it seems both unusual and subtle. The quest begins...
  4. I think you will be very happy with the color. I had wanted a washed rose back for quite awhile. I wasn't really actively looking, but one popped up on E-bay just a little while ago and I was lucky enough to win the auction. I am really happy with the purchase and know I will get lots of use from it. The color really is unusual. Good luck and keep us posted on your search....
  5. I think it's a gorgeous neutral color, although some people find it hard to match with clothing.
  6. I've always loved that color!!!! I think it's gorgeous...
  7. Thanks everyone! I decided to get the washed rose blake on eBay that JAP4life kindly posted. I've been stalking it for days kinda hoping someone would buy it and end my misery. But I know that it will get a ton of use, and it will be nice to have a mj bag lined in suede. :smile:
  8. Bullish I am so happy for you! Believe me, you are going to be THRILLED!

    Remember to post pictures!!!
  9. Yay congrats!!! I was about to post that blake on this thread but saw that you got it!
    Woohoo!!! You'll get a ton of use out of that baby, it's so pretty!
  10. Congrats! You will definitely love it. It is soooo pretty!
  11. Congrats on getting that Blake!! I'm sure you'll love it!:yes:
  12. you're gonna luv that color. I remember when it first came out. Looking at it at first, I thought it was more of a taupe-ish color -- it definitely has brownish undertones -- but up close & in bright light, the rose comes out. It's a very unusual color. I don't think I've ever seen another designer use it. I wanted a bag in that color that season, but they sold out very quickly. I finally found & bought a Kate bag in that color, but sold it to finance the purchase of a Balenciaga. Whenever I see pics of it, I sorta regret that decision. That was one gorgeous bag (here's a pic - the suede makes it look more pink, but the leather is true washed rose)

    Congrats - be sure to post pics & let us know what you think when it arrives!
    kate2.JPG kate3.JPG
  13. Congrats!!! What a gorgeous color!!!
  14. Yeah, I'm starting to obsess about this color too.....It's gorgeous!