Opinions on Wapity as a gift?

  1. My mother isn't as into high end bags as I am...she is quite happy with her basic Coach and DB (lovely brands, I might add), and the occasional unknown brand from department stores. I thought I would introduce her to the world of LV (introducing her to Rolex was quite successful, resulting in a purchase after wearing one of mine for a week), but want to start with something small...something she can hide if necessary. ;)

    Opinions on the Wapity??? Useful or not?? I would also consider a Pochette, Epi Pochette, or maybe just a fun little key chain.

    Thanks all!
  2. I, personally, don't understand the use for a Wapity AT ALL..

    What are they even for???
  3. Try a Cles, I don't have one, but they're really cool!
  4. I think the Wapity would be a nice gift. But, how about a mini Pochette? Or, like you mentioned, the larger Pochette might be really useful for a mom - she can use it as an accessory/cosmetic bag or for going out in the evening.
  5. i would LOVE it~!!!!!!!

    but anything.....from my daughter.....!!!! =D
  6. the wapity would be cool :]

    or maybe a pochette
  7. Pochette Cosmetique is nice and subtle... the Wapity is cool, but it's meant to be seen I think, carried as a wristlet!
  8. The pochette gets my vote:yes:

    I know a few people who use the wapity as a camera case - and it works prety well.
  9. The mini pochette, a pochette or a cles would be what I would select. Great for using in your bag. The Wapity just doesn't seem as condusive for that since it has the big hoop strap.
  10. I think the wapity is really super useful if you travel a great deal, but maybe the pochette is more practical for everyday use? Either way Im sure she'll love whatever you end up with.
  11. Honestly, I think the WAPITY would be a great 1st LV gift.

    It can be used by itself as a wristlet that can hold a cellphone, keys, cash, cc's .... and even more. :tup:

    I use mine as a camera case when I carry it in a larger bag and I carry it by itself as a wristlet when I'm taking a quick trip to the grocery store.
  12. Cles... Wapity or the Mini pochette...they are great.
  13. I think it would be a great gift. But like others have said a cles would be nice too.
    If you think the person would have great use for the wapity go for it.
  14. Cles, regular pochette, or mini pochette I say:smile: IMO, theyre a little more useful than a Wapity...I find its shape to be weird lol!
  15. i would pick pochette over wapity but wapity over mini pochette/cles