Opinions on Wallet?

  1. I was at the outlet AGAIN on Sunday, and I bought a wallet. I had intended to get the denim one to go with my bag, but it was kind of a puke-ish brown inside, which really turned me off. So I bought the cotton one with the dark brown interior. I love the wallet, but now I am concerned about it getting soiled easily. I can see faint dark marks on my leather wallet, and I can only imagine how much more easily those would show up on the light cotton.

    Anyone have a wallet like this and how does it hold up? Oh, I also found the keychain and fell in love! :heart:



  2. Oops, sorry about the HUGE keychain photo!
  3. I don't have the wallet, but it is really pretty! I would be concerned with stains too... you can probably treat it with applegarde rain and stain repellent or something like that though.. I am sure someone here has it and can tell you more.. congrat! :tup:
  4. oh LOVE it. That was at the outlet??:wtf:
  5. Yes, at Pleasant Prairie, WI. The wallet was $107.01 (20% off of $149.99, I think...) and the charm was $39.99 - kind of steep for a keychain for me to pay, but I was feeling girly and indulgent!
  6. I love the keychain!
  7. first off -the keychain, while pretty, it's delicate - be careful of the stones...they are known to fall out. (sorry, but just wanted you to be aware)

    secondly, love the wallet! i have the "multifunction" wallet in the cream/chocolate print and I'm loving it. granted, i've had it less than a week so it still looks fab...but I really think a wallet will be less likely to get "soiled" than a bag would...you know? as you're not handling the wallet as much as you're handling the purse. (plus a wallet is "hidden" from the elements more..being inside your bag.)

    enjoy your purchases!
  8. I totally agree - that's what I would do! :yes:
  9. I don't have that wallet, but I think it's gorgeous! I really wish I had the money to make an outlet trip right now, they have awesome stuff apparently!
  10. wow, can't believe you found that at the outlet. makes me wanna go there and check out what other possibilities they have. they wallet looks like you'd have to be extra careful with it because it is cotton...hmm...
  11. I am soooooooo jealous!!!! Our outlets in Riverhead, NY do NOT carry ANY signature unless they are last years bags OR returns....I just called them today to check on a bag for a friend of mine and they told me that AGAIN!!! BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!
  12. What great purchases. That keychain is sooooo adorable!
  13. i love your purchases! that wallet is really cute! i only found the multi function wallet at the outlet here.

    i have the same key chain. my sister surprised me with it on one sad sad study day of mine. it's just enough sparkle and the pink accents are just enough to provide a pop of color. it makes me smile. :tup:
  14. ME TOO! I have the Large Carly in that color (woohoo for outlets!) and just cannot find that wallet anywhere around here. It's a Beauty!
  15. Beautiful wallet. I do hope the protectant / stain repellant does work for you.