Opinions on Vert d’eau?

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  1. Wondering what the thoughts are on Vert d’eau alligator? Is the color hard to capture in photos? I can’t decide on the color one photo I love it, the next photo I don’t.
  2. I think it is very elegant.
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  3. To me it looked like a very delicate, very pale pale seafoam green - almost like something out of a Monet painting. I think for the right person it could be very special.

    Pastels aren't my thing personally so I passed. It also felt very limiting in terms of being a light coloured croc and a very specific shade.
  4. It depends on your colouring and wardrobe. It's a bit too cool and pastel for me but I can see it looking utterly mesmerising on the tight person.
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  5. I loooove Vert D’eau. The color is very mesmerizing and I hope to own a Birkin in it one day.
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  6. Me too! It‘s one of the most beautiful croc colors!
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  7. Just wanted to share this eye candy, mini Roulis matte gator ghw Vert d'eau:
  8. Wowza! What a colour! I wish I had a lifestyle for it!!:flowers:
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  9. Thank you, @Meta . This is stunning. Sooooo elegant.
    I almost feel like this color is so specific one would expect it to be limiting, but instead you wear it with EVERYTHING.
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  10. I absolutely love this color and would have a hard time turning it down with gold hardware, but I plan on only having one croc bag new from the boutique and I would not choose this color due to color transfer. If I could have 3 croc bags I would include this in my collection, but I want to have one that is more wearable and not as susceptible to color transfer.
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  11. Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts! I really really appreciate it. Also a special thank you to @Meta for sharing a picture of your beautiful bag!!!! I agree with @Notorious Pink, you think it’s a “special occasion” bag but wear it everywhere. Enjoy the bag:smile:
  12. Whoops! :facepalm: Should've clarified that the bag isn't mine. :giggle: I came across it from a reseller's account on Instagram. :flowers:

    Have you decided if you'll add this color/leather to your collection, @LVLover ?
  13. I’ve decided it is a beautiful color, however one I will admire on others or in pictures and not in my collection. The color is too light and combined with the fact it’s an exotic makes me concerned about the risk of color transfer and ease of overall use (paranoid of getting stained/damaged). The color in the picture meta posted also reminds me of the color of scrubs I had to wear during my schooling/residency which looked horrible on me. After, years wearing this color everyday I don’t think I need a reminder.