Opinions on vernis pochette cles (pics)

  1. The new pochette cles is my first vernis item. I would like to keep my small cellphone in it whenever necessary. It is a tight squeeze. Do you think I could get away with this without damaging the cles? Will the material hold up? Your opinions on this are very much appreciated. TIA!!
  2. i can't attach my pics :push:. will keep trying.
  3. I remember a member had the original style of vernis cles, kept lipgloss in it and it created a bump in the material that "bulged" out even when there was nothing in the cles. That has forever scarred me - I will only use cles for change and cards !
  4. Eventually the leather will stretch a little to accommodate the cell phone. I'm not sure how you'll feel about that. I have the original style cles and have put many cards in it. Over time it's stretched and now the cles is no longer flat.
  5. Thank you ayla and melocoton.

    I don't know how I would feel about the cles stretching. Since the phone sits snugly inside, even if it streches, there wont be an odd buldge like with lipgloss say when its empty. Perhaps I'll be OK with that.

    I still can't post my pics. Really dont know why. I've already resized them. Ah well...thanks a lot anywayz.