Opinions on todays purchase..pic included

  1. Hi
    I just purchased this big tote today at the Coach outlet for $250...what do you all think? I am going to use it as a baby tote for the summer. I have never gotten anything at the outlet, so opinions would be great, I can always return it Thanks!
    carry all.JPG
  2. ooh i like it:yes: so summery.
    And what a bargain wish i lived in the states sometimes. Everything in the uk is so expensive:hysteric:
  3. Wow. That's a good deal. :smile: Love it!
  4. really cute! enjoy!
  5. really stylish and roomy! I think you got a deal, congrats!
  6. me likes :yes:
  7. First off it should not matter what we think. As long as you like it that is all that matters. With that I LOVE it. But really you are the only one that has to like it. What outlet did you get it at? I am going to hit the outlets this weekend. Enjoy and congrats.
  8. Very nice! You did good and those pockets on the side should be real handy.
  9. Hi Thanks! You are right..I do like it! I was shopping today with my two year old, who has no advice for me when it comes to bags, so I guess I needed to get all of yours! I got it in Wisconsin, at the Pleasant Praire outlets. Hope you find something you like at your outlet!
  10. Looks like a great bag!
    Big though. What all are you going to try to carry in it this summer? Return it if it isn't the PERFECT bag for you... But if it fits your needs:

    Congrats on your find!
  11. very cute! congrats!
  12. I like it a lot. Keep it!
  13. im not a huge of the pockets on both sides, but the leather looks yum and the bag is a gorgeous steal at that price. :yes:
  14. i like it in general. i just love tote styles at that.
  15. What a great deal on a nice looking tote. It will make a great Baby bag. When My sister had her baby she ended up with all of her purse stuff in the diaper bag. I always teased her saying that Ruby would be 12 and she'd still be carrying that Diaper Bag. It's a better idea to make the Bag into a diaper bag than vice versa.