opinions on tiffany heart tag!


shop till you drop
Mar 21, 2009
USA - Nevada
im thinking of purchasing this...what do u guys think about it? i also don't know which size of pendant is best. this one is extra large but the site does not show dimensions so i dont know how big it will really look. are there any pics newhere here to show me? ive search the entire thread and can't find nething.
also, i want to buy this and fold the chain (so its doubled) and wear the necklace like that- that way there will be two parts of the chain going thru the heart tag and it will fall short on the neck, right below the collar bone. have you guys seen anyone wearing it like this? what do u think of that option?



nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
I don't have the extra large one, however, I do have the 34" ball chain, and it's perfect ! I wear it either wrapped through the pendant twice, or tied in the middle. I would go for a smaller tag though. :yes: