opinions on "tie tasha" on eluxury?

  1. Hey gals,
    What do you think of the MJ Tie-Tasha that's currently on sale at eluxury? I've been looking at that bag online for weeks, and I just can't make up my mind.
    Has anyone seen it irl? Any idea how heavy it is?

    I'm debating between this and the quilted Stella. I really want a chain handle bag. (And yes, I know they weigh 4000 lbs!):heart:
  2. I do not like the MJ Tie-Tasha ....I think the Stella would be a better choice...but, it's a personal decision....
  3. i've seen the bag IRL and it is HUGE! You can easily put a bowling ball in there. Didn't pick it up, but i imagine it is heavy with that strap.
  4. I saw them at MJ boutiques, I don't remember these bags being heavy; they're made in several sizes.

    These TIE bags were extremely successful at MJ boutiques, they completely sold out. They and Hudson are back by popular demand for Spring 2007 in new colors (exclusive to MJ boutiques), the ones sold at non-mj stores are from Fall 2006.

    TIE's Blondie & Large Blondie from Spring 2007
  5. Personally, I like the quilted Stella more. And judging by the dimensions of the Tie Tasha on the Elux website, it does indeed look huge! I can't see it being easy to get in and out of unless you leave it untied and tuck the flaps in the bag or something....
  6. I'm into the tie tasha, i think LiLo had one and i thought it looked sensational on her. :love: so chic.