Opinions on this type of body

  1. I've been wanting to post this for a long time but didn't have the nerve to so finally joined and do it.

    I'm 19 and live in the States. I've been feeling self-conscious since I could remember because I'm Asian and I'm not flat-chested. You know how a lot of Asians are flat chested? Sometimes I feel happy about not being one but other times, I feel bad b/c I'm the only one in my family who isn't flat chested. So, sometimes they make comments about it. I'm a full B. It makes it hard for me to wear cute clothes, especially V-neck because as an Asian, it's just not customary for me to flaunt it. I see so many Americans with my size who wears V-necks confidently. How do you guys do it???!

    I haven't asked other people's opinion so let me ask you guys. What if you see an Asian girl walking at a mall who is definitely not flat, do you think it looks strange?

    Also, I also have an half-Asian friend who isn't flat-chested. Before, she had probably a C-cup but because she lost a lot of weight (annorexia), her chest was completely flat. I don't want to go through that route but I think that I'm a bit chubby 5'4, 125 lbs. If let's say I exercise and diet and get my weight down to 110lb, do you guys think that my chest will be drastically smaller? Do you have any suggestion to reduce my chest size?

    Sorry if the topic is too personal. I just needed to vent. Thanks.
  2. You should be glad of your boobs and if you want to flaunt them do it! I know it's not Asian culture or whatever but if you want to be able to wear V-necks just do it imo. Im white British but I'd never look at an Asian strangely if she had bigger boobs lol
    I say go for it!!!!
  3. Well, you might reduce your chest size if you lose weight, but I really wouldn't worry about it. I knew someone who was Asian who had at least D's. They were implants, but still she was an Asian girl with huge boobs and looked great.
  4. my best friend is exactly the same, when she goes back to hong kong she gets really stared at because she has boobs.
    you cant change what youv got (unless you have surgery but thats very drastic). be proud. a b isnt that big.
  5. I'm asian, flat chested, and HATE it. lol. I think most asian girls would love to have a larger chest, but unfortunatly are not born with them. It sounds like you are perfectly porportioned, so you should count yourself as one of the lucky ones :yes:.
  6. I'm Asian.. and not flat chested. Accept and love it ! :yes:

    And I found when I lost a bit of weight, my chest did get smaller but not by much.
  7. By the sound of your height/weight, 5'4 and 125 pounds, you are NOT chubby by any means. But if you choose to lose weight, your chest will get smaller too. I say don't perpetuate the feelings of being ashamed of your body, by hiding "the girls." Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If people stare, that's a good thing! Take it as a compliment.
  8. You are at a good weight at 5'4 and 125lbs. If you were to lose a few pounds, your chest would shrink, but I don't think you need to. A full B is perfect! Take it from someone with full Ds naturally. lol
  9. no, it absolutely does not look weird if/when I see an Asian woman w/ anything more than a flat chest. In fact, I don't notice it at all.
    Is this something only fellow Asians would notice?

    Yes, if you lose some weight, most likely your cup size will lessen a bit.
  10. man i'm one of those flat chested asians and wish i had B cup BOOBS!!!

  11. lmao i'm a D (but not asian) and i wish i had B cup boobs!
  12. Your breast size is perfect for your body. I'm asian with C's and all my cousins have bigger ones. Be proud of what you have.:tup:
  13. I'm asian and def. not flat chested!!! As a matter of fact i get complimented on it, but not usually by asians [usually my non-asian friends]. It does kinda suck sometimes because i feel weird whenever i head to the asian parts of my town, but I've learned to deal with it! [and plus, some flat chested asians probably wish they had a chest like ours] and if you lose weight your chest will get smaller, but depends on how much you lose, i guess. :yes:
  14. thanks guys! made me feel less self-conscious! :smile:
  15. I use to have B cups but after 2 girls I'm an A now.:tdown: I'm Chinese.