Opinions on this treesje bag please...do I keep it?

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  1. I bought the Treesje Divino Grande Bag in Black Patent for 180 dollars when it usually retails for somewhere from 650 to 700 dollars. I think it's adorable, looks great, looks good over my shoulder and I LOVE the 3 different compartments there is inside. The middle is zipper only and the other compartments on the sides of it has a strong magnetic closure which is awesome! The feel of the leather feels soft and comfy as well. The only problem I have with it is that the drop handles are stiff! Does it get softer after a while? I love a purse that feels comfortable over my shoulder and won't fall because of the stiffness. I am picky with purses and I am the type that loves a purse after some time and wont let it go, rather than loving it soooooooo much right away. Here's some pictures front, back and inside of it. Opinions definitely appreciated please!

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  2. VERY pretty - I love Treesje bags! Looks roomy...what a deal! :heart:
  3. That's a lovely bag! Some Treesje style are terrific. You got a great deal and the handles will probably soften with some moisturising. I have a brand new Dent's bag and tomorrow will be its first outing. The handles are a bit rigid right now, but I don't really mind and will moisturize soon. Since the weather here (Ireland) is pretty cold I'll be wearing a thick sweater and possibly a jacket. Since I'll also be wearing gloves I won't really notice the 'stiff' handles that much. I'll probably be hand-carrying it.!
  4. Thats why I was worried because I live in Wisconsin and it's COOOOLD! So I wear alot of layers and layers usually make purses fall over. How do I moisturize it?
  5. Gorgy bag GR and a killer price as well:nuts:!! I have a patent Treesje bag and the handles were stiff when I received it also but they softened up after carrying it only a few times. I live in Mi so it's cold here also but the temps did not effect the bag at all, and in fact the patent is perfect for the wet weather. I'm not sure about conditioning though:shrugs:. I have never used product on any of my patent bags, only regular leather. I would just try smooshing the handles up and carrying it in general and they should soften up quick:yes:. HTH
  6. OOOHH That's good then, if it softens up then the bag is just so cute and perfect!

  7. where did you buy the bags from? I am looking to buy a Treesje purse
  8. WOW! You got a really great deal on it! Its a keeper!! I wish I could run across good bag deals like that.
  9. Yes, she's a keeper!
  10. Hmm...not sure if you could moisturize patent. However, i think you have found something that you should keep, for that price? Heck! Why not? There are a lot of features that you like about the bag, which are awesome, except the handles. Don't fret, all things have their 'break in' point and i think you should just wait, they'll definitely wear to be at the level of your liking. Anything you do, don't return it! :-P
  11. I vote keep it!
  12. I honestly LOVE it and just bought a Black patent Treesje Magnolia that will be here next week. The Magnolia has the ruffles like this one as well...I own several Patent leather bags and just adore them. KEEP IT!!!
  13. Yes! I love Treesje bags, and this one is no exception.
  14. Definatley keep that bag.

    I looove Treesje!
  15. Keep it!!!!!!!!!! it's such a great looking bag and awesome price! lucky you!!!