opinions on this tote please

  1. Nice bag for the holidays , Suede is a pain to keep clean though, I like the color kinda of sable brown
  2. I can't tell you that because I adore these beaded bags. I wish I would have gotten one at the outlet when they were there. I'm kicking myself now.
  3. Hi. The most important ASQ is to ask if all of the beads are intact and present. They tend to break.
  4. I like that one - I saw it in lilac at the outlet - very pretty. My only two concerns - suede and beads. Someone on here had some beads fall off of theirs. And suede gets dirty easily. Other than that I think it looks great!
  5. I don't think anything about this bag is tacky, IMO. I really love suede, but like everyone else is saying, suede can be a pain.
  6. this is a beautiful bag. My outlet had one about two weeks ago and I had a hard time keeping my eyes & hands off it.
  7. I love that bag, it is a gorgeous color.
  8. hmmmm outlet wonder what the price was there:smile:
  9. I think its nice. I noticed bidding has ended. Did ya get it??!
  10. :O) wink I have my eye on another one for a better price But Im having a really hard time deciding. I really want a tote and just don't know which one to get.
  11. It's a beauty but I'm so hard on totes. The suede and beads would not last for me. I always use my totes when traveling, etc... and they get some serious use.
  12. Cute bag. The only problem I can see is you will have to wait for the fall to use it.
  13. It's a nice tote, but I am jumping on the "suede is hard to keep clean" bandwagon. It's beautiful in the beginning, but it gets ruined easily, so I don't buy anything suede anymore.
  14. I have this tote in the camel color. Can't think of the name right now but it's gorgeous. I love it and take very good care of it. It is now stored for the spring/summer season. There's nothing tacky about this bag. Just be sure to check on whether or not the beads are all OK and not broken or missing. Good luck!