Opinions on this Tory Burch top?

  1. What do you ladies think about this Tory Burch top? I love fun prints like this, and I think it would look cute with dark denim or white pants, which I both own.

    Also, does anyone know how TB sizing usually runs? I am considering ordering a 6 to be on the safe side. I'm a 36C and don't want the top to gap. The size chart shows the measurements for the chest/bust area for a size 6 as 37", natural waist 28.5".

    Any opinions/input is appreciated ;)

  2. Cristina, that top would look great on you. Sorry, I don't have any input on the sizes since I've only tried on the S-M-L sized tops. I think that top will look especially fabulous with your white denim. Very nice!
  3. ^ Thank you, dear :nuts: It's warm enough here all year round to wear tops like this. I guess that's one good thing about living in Florida!
  4. Cute top, I usually find her tops to fit a bit on the larger side so I think a 6 would be fine so that it wouldn't gap
  5. Very cute! I love navy and white together, except when it's too nautical-looking hehe. I've only tried on the tunic tops, I'm a 34A and slim in the waist but I have broad shoulders so the 6 fit me better.
  6. Love this top! Very cute, and would look great with the dark denim and white pants like you said, also would look cute with dark navy pants like in the picture!
  7. TB runs big. I'm a DD and I wear an 8 comfortably with no major gapping so a 6 should be fine.
  8. Thank you ladies, for the input! I really appreciate the sizing info. I'm going to go with the 6, just in case. The top is on sale, so returning it isn't an option, since all sales are final.
  9. oh, i think it is ugly, sorry...i think if this wasn't a tory burch top and you saw it in walmart you would never look twice at it...
  10. ^ Seeing as how I own clothing with similar prints from different brands, I think the fact that I like the top has to do with my taste in clothing, not who designs it.

    But thank you for the rude comment :lol:
  11. it's pretty for me.. and i like that kind of collar..
  12. I didn't mean anything personal. I thought you were asking for opinions. I didn't know you only wanted positive opinions...sorry.
  13. Simmer down now, good opinons, bad opinions, its all good. you asked. I personally like the collar and colors, the print is a little BIG, and I definately cant where sleeves like that, been blessed with my Nana's big upper arms!:tup:
  14. I should have said in my reply to you that I meant the TB vs. Wal-Mart comment, not the fact that you think it's ugly. I couldn't give three flying fajitas whether someone thinks what I wear is ugly. Your second sentence came across as a bit harsh, that's all. But no big deal. I got my cyber-emotions worked up, that's all ;)
  15. Yes, true that Cristina did ask... however, there's a polite way to phrase a dissenting opinion.

    I think Cristina can carry a big print, from what I've seen of her... and from what else I've seen, she doesn't have your "Nana's big upper arms." Good thing this shirt is for her and not you. ;)