opinions on this tiffany ring.

  1. Very pretty, I like the hammered look!
  2. i dont really like the casing around the diamond, though i like the hammered look. IMHO i would prefer a plain hammered ring or the same style in a clean polished finish (KWIM?) i think the design and band style clash. but if you love it and will wear it buy all means get it!!1
  3. I agree with naughtymanolo -- personallly, the hammered look isn't for me -- I like it more clean and polished.
  4. I think it's great, although I would want the diamond to be a bit bigger.
  5. I like it a lot... much better than the elsa peretti ring w/the tiny diamond, which also comes in gold/platinum...

    The hammered look is awesome...
  6. the hammered look is kinda funky but i think it needs a bigger rock!!

    personally, i prefer something more polished...
  7. I saw this instore the other day and I don't really like it.

    However, if YOU like it, then that is all that matters!
  8. Me too. Not a big fan of this one.
  9. I have the elsa peretti and love it. I wear it every day. I personally like the smooth band compared to the one you posted but that's just me!
  10. I love clean lines, not keen on the hammered look, the diamond size is nice, just think if someone buys the ring the diamond size is not important, mainly the look of the hammered ring surround.
  11. I really like it though Id prefer it in Platinum. A friend of mine wears one of these as her e-ring flanked by two plain tiffany bands.
  12. I think the diamond is too small. I like the hammered look however. Maybe in just a plain band, without a diamond.
  13. im not a fan of it, i prefer the clean look. but im sure that it is probably much better irl
  14. well, i'm a guy. so i don't really mind the hammered look, i like that it's different and will probably hold up to scratches well. i don't mind the clash either. i wish the diamond was bigger, heh, but who wouldn't. thanks for all the imput. i think i may just have to take a day trip to Charlotte and try it on.