Opinions on this Tano bag

  1. I love The Romantic! I'm just not sure about the green, what do you think?
  2. I cant tell if this is their crunch leather or crinkle leather. I really don't care for the crinkle because it has a grainy feel. But their crunch leather is very nice. The color is great.
  3. I miss the soft smooshy leather, that crunch leather is crappy looking IMO. =P I LOVE the bag design tho!
  4. It's the crunch leather according to the ad. I've seen the yellow one on tons of people and adored it but I've never seen this green in person, I think that's what's holding me back.
  5. i really like the design! although i'm not sure i like it in green...
  6. The green looks looks like the color of an unripened banana to me. That's the only way I can describe it. It's pretty and striking.
  7. I almost bought this color in the Sex Bomb awhile back. I've found, however, that a lot of the Tano colors don't quite the same in real life as they do on the site....I had bought the Scarlett Red Sex Bomb and was quite taken at how orange it was.....
    You might to order it and then see...
    As for the style, I'm not toooo crazy about it, but if you like it - then GO FOR IT! :tup:
  8. Oh thanks, that does sound pretty to me! Tano is bringing the romantic back this fall but I'm not sure what colors yet. I think I may go ahead and get this though.
  9. Not to hijack this thread or anything, but those of you with Tanos in crunch leather, how does it look and feel IRL? On websites it looks glossy and like it might be stiff. Is it literally crunchy or is it soft? Is it thick or thin leather? Thanks!
  10. Oh I very much love the crunch leather!!! It's really not a good name for it, I wish they'd change it. It really puts a lot of people off...
    I sold quite a few of my Tano Sex Bombs in crunch because I was trying to fund more purchases, but I've refused to part with my Cobalt Blue crunch Sex Bomb....She's a beauty. Holds up fab in all kinds of weather too.
    My only complaint was that the bottom corners show wear VERY QUICKLY and I'm not quite sure why that is...must have something to do with the dying of the leather.....?:yes:
  11. I think the bag is gorgeous! I'm not a green handbag person, but this green is really pretty; the bag looks pretty functional as well. Great bag!
  12. I don't have one, but I have handled a few, and the leather is not what you would call thick or substantial...in fact, I think it felt light weight to me...which would be great if you love to stuff your bags.
  13. I have a Minilisa in crunch leather and it's not literally crunchy. I think it makes the colors look really vibrant.
  14. I like the style and the color! I have a crinkled leather purse (which I like fine, although I probably don't need two of them) but have never used the crunch leather but people seem to like it so I say go for it!
  15. Tano is making the Romantic bag again this Fall, in all of the colors pictured below, plus black and espresso brown (very dark brown.) As in Spring, all of the colors will have brown aberdeen trim. They are due to hit stores in 2 weeks, so if you arent sure about the fern green, why not get one of the new colors? They're so yummy! If you need help finding a retailer, you can email service@tanobag.com

    blueprint blue
    congo green
    carafe brown
    mineral yellow
    tango red
    mango orange