Opinions on this Tag Heuer watch

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  1. Beautiful! I have a 6000 and its the best watch.
  2. Love the aquaracer.....Go for it :yes:
  3. It's a great timepiece!
  4. I personally may consider another watch.
    Reasons being
    1. It is quartz.
    Although this is convenient, the resale value of a quartz watch is lower than an automatic or manual rewinding.
    Battery-operated devices usually do not last very very long.
    And since u r paying a lot of money, don't u want a carefully assembled intricate inhouse mechanism that is keeping time instead of a electronic quartz device?

    2. The bracelet is gold-plated. Not 18K solid gold.

    3. Tag Heuer is a fashionable brand with heavy advertising. Many watch lovers do not hold it in very high regard.

    For the same price, I would consider an Omega Constellation watch, automatic. Probably cheaper since I do not go for diamonds encrusted ones.

    Or if I have to choose a Tag Heuer, I may consider something more recognizable like the Tiger endorsed Link Series, with the unique bracelet. Or the latest IT watch, the one that Sharapova wears, the F1 diamond encrusted formula one series watch with satin bracelet, esp the Pink one.

    Just my opinion! U might consider going to the timezone website for more research.
  5. I don't personally care about resale value since I don't buy/sell watches. I buy what I love, just like everything else:yes:
    I have a similar watch I gues, mine's a Link though, but it has a diamond bezel and diamond #s adn I LOVE it.
    I've had it for almost 4 years and I've never had any maintenance problems and have only had to replace the battery once.
    We've gotten OUTSTANDING service from Tag as well. We get a little soething from them every year, I remember a hat out of the blue one year and just this week we got some special polishing cloths from them unexpectedly.

    I'll attach a pic of the one that looks most like mine:

    Attached Files:

  6. I wish I could buy what I love too. And then I'll get outstanding service from Tag lol. Just kidding.
  7. I like it, I think it's a nice watch.
    I have the F1 Sharapova watch and I like it. http://www.tagheuer.com/the-collection/women-collection/tag-heuer-formula1-glamour-diamonds-nizza/index.lbl?w=WAC1214.FC6218
    I think qutrtz watches are easier to take care, all you need is battery change and maybe you could get it clean every 5+ year. With automatic movement, you need a watch winder( if you dont wear your watch everyday ) and you have to get it overhaul every 3-5 year which will cost you $300+.
    Also, lot of high end watche companies make qurtz movement ex. Patek Phillippe, Jeager le Coutre and Audemars Piguet.
  8. Wow I love ur watch. J'adore should consider your watch.

    I agree with u that quartz watch is less troublesome. My watch seller always say that gals like quartz, but guys wouldn't want them at all.

    And its true, a lot of high end watch companies make quartz movements (although Rolex has phased it out completely), but these are usually the entry level pieces. A Frank Muller quartz watch with leather strap is abt 2.5K, but in such an instance, u r just paying a premium for the brand and the design. U can pay $50 for a swatch and both being quartz would be just as accurately after 2 years.

    However, a $50-300 swatch, automatic, would never be as good as an automatic watch by tag, rolex, omega etc. The swatch would prob lose a min or so each day, or even more. And when it does, the swatch service centre ain't gonna be able to do anything about your timepiece, even if u give them $300.

    I think a good timepiece is one with some kind of intricate mechanism; an intricate-time keeping device with minute parts put together carefully, that does not run on battery, but yet would never lose or gain more than just a few seconds each day. I think this is what makes it an remarkable work of art, a testimony to the brilliance of science and engineering.

    But of course, if the main intent is nothing more than just to get a skin-deep pretty watch, then the tag aquaracer is indeed a pretty little thing.

    PS I think there was an earlier discussion about the Hermes watches too which has a similar POV. Once again, just my opinion.
  9. Thank you guys so much for your replies. :smile:

    Boku and Swanky Mama you watches are gorgeous! I was actually also considering the two-tone version of your watch Swanky Mama, but the Aquaracer looked better on my wrist.

    About the quartz movement, well I was thinking the point of a watch is to tell the time right? So I'd want the one which did this the most accurately. Also since this will be a gift from my parents I don't plan on re-selling. Though I would be willing to consider a mechanical one, if I could find something around the same price as the Aquaracer in two-tone and with a couple of diamonds. Though I think they would probably be out of my price range.

    Also how you do guys feel about Tag vs Omega? Do you think Omega is a better brand? I was also considering an Omega Seamaster. (I'm not sure of the price though).
  10. Most swiss watch companies share movements (Mainly ETA Movt's) Only a few high end companies Rolex, AP, JLC, Piaget, etc. have in house movt's.

    For example Omega is actually part of Swatch Watch Group (Basically a Upgraded Swatch Watch) Other Brands of Swatch Watch Group are:



    Calvin Klein

    Tag Heuer is part LVMH, which has other watch brands Chaumet, Dior, OMAS, Zenith (Which for some time provided Rolex Daytona Watch Movt's)

    Basically all swiss watches are the same, some can be better than others but it all comes down to personal preference. One watchmaker use to tell me if you want a watch that keeps time well, Buy a Casio Digital.

    So choose whatever style or brand you like or can afford. Between Automatic or Quartz, I think Quartz keeps better time, Autos lose time but battery changes not reqd. My auto watches are sitting in my watch winder, while my quartz, I can just leave it on the table w/o worries.
  11. Thanks Boku, that was very informative. I had no idea swatch & Omega were made by the same people!

    Are those watch winders expensive? Also which automatic watch do you have?
  12. Autos: Cartier Pasha C, Omega Speedmaster,
    Vintage Omega DeVille, Concord Saratoga

    Quartz: Cartier Tank Basculante, Tag F1 Sharapova Edt.,
  13. LOVE this watch. I have an aquaracer as well. However without the diamonds. HMM I might have to look into this one! HEEE HEE

    It's gorgeous! I say get it!
  14. I love the aqua racer with diamonds, I have two tags, one is the link before they called it the link, just plain stainless, the other is the newer (but not newest) link with diamond markers. You do have to get batteries changed but the jeweler I bought from does it for free......I was ready for a new, larger watch and went with a Rolex, I absolutely love it, but still love my diamond marker link so I switch off..... I will say though, if you go for a Tag you can absolutely buy them discounted from authorized dealers so shop around, don't pay full price!