Opinions on this shoe?

  1. don't like it.
  2. sorry....not a fan...
  3. ugh no. It looks really dirty, like when u wipe ur silverware and it leaves the special werid looking streaks. that's how it looks like to me. and for 370$ not worth it. U can get something SOO Much prettier than that.
  4. Not my cup of tea either! They would look better if they were just black.
  5. Nay for me. Not a fan of the color or the chunky heel.
  6. I don't like them either.
  7. No from me too, they look oily
  8. no, it looks like it was dipped in motor oil.
  9. I love them. They're unique and different, and you will stand out wearing them! Wear what you love!
  10. I like the style, but I'm not sure about the color... they kinda look like muddy... but maybe it's just the picture. If you love them, go for it!
  11. Think you'd really have to see them in real life to make a call :s. Look as tho' they could be really cool with skinny jeans for a rock chick vibe :jammin:
  12. Sorry, I'm not a fan..It looks like they're moldy or something.
  13. I don't like them. They look like they were dipped in oil.
  14. If the heel was thinner and more stilleto-ish then I'd really like them. I'm not a fan of clunky heels though.