Opinions on this Ruby Day I Have On Hold

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  1. Would actually be my first "day" and my first "red red" (have the coral from earlier this year in a First) and I am going to see her on Sunday IRL.

    How does leather & color look compared to others you have bought or seen.


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  2. There's a little glare on the pics so it's a little hard to see, but so far so good. The leather looks soft and the color seem consistent, so just make sure it's not thin or dry. The ruby's I've seen have very similar leather to the EBs last season, which were AWESOME.
  3. She is beautiful and the leather looks good too. I have a Ruby Day and she looks just like mine. Go for it!!
  4. looks good to me too :smile:
  5. Leather and color look lovely to me too! :yes:
  6. I like it. A little more distressing would be perfect!:nuts:
  7. I'll let you know Sunday & follow up with my pics if I get her. Thanks
  8. I think its stunning!
  9. Beautiful Day!! :biggrin:
  10. This color looks fabulous in a Day! I think it's a keeper! Congrats! :tup:
  11. I think red is an awesome color for the Day style. Congratulations.
  12. Ruby + Day = keeper! Love this combo. This is a classic you can use for years.
  13. she's gorgeous..the glare makes it hard to see the color..but i have a ruby and so know the color is gorg..and yours looks YUMMY! i love the distressing on it..i wished my courier came with distressing..mine is absolutely smooth looking but just as yummy..so yours is perfect!
  14. So, what was your decision? Can't wait to see more pics if you ended up bringing it home!
  15. It was way deeper IRL but on closer inspection my SA & I found a few little imperfections.

    One a tiny area at the top of the back near the zipper where it appears the dye was missed & a nick or two.

    I am a perfectionist & while I have yet to sell a Bbag I am thinking these little flaws might bug someone else too.

    I didn't come home with her because she is going to see if she can get another one in from another store but she's holding her for me.

    I love the color though. It reminds me of a great matte red lipstick.

    Much deper & richer than I thought it ould be & so completely different than coral.

    I called my NM & Saks SA's & seems like thye just got Ruby in First & City - no day's. True?

    I am sure Bal has but I won't shop there since you only get store credit.

    Although I didn't come home empty handed - my SA was also holding a black day with covered hardware that is dark, saturated, distressed but not veiny in case I didn't like the Ruby!

    Will take photos after DH goes to bed!

    And now I finally have a day!