Opinions on this prada bag please

  1. Please click on this link and tell me what you think. It looks much better in real life. Saw it at the Prada store yesterday. http://styledrops.com/handbags-21510.html
  2. Here's the pic instead....
  3. Hello! I've seen this style bag in real life and I like it over all. The only thing I'm not sure about on this bag in particular is the side pockets. I feel like they may make the bag look bulky and you may get tired of it after a while (at least, that's how I think I'd be). But overall, it's a very nice bag and looks very appropriate for the fall/winter season.
  4. I have the same style of bag in glazed deerskin...I really enjoy carrying it. Nylon is not my cup of tea though. That's just my .02 though!
  5. I guess Ill just have to save more $$$ to get myself a leather prada soon :graucho: thanks everyone! :smile:
  6. Oh i love it.
  7. Yeah, this nylon one isn't really calling out my name either. The leather one is gorgeous though.
  8. There are tons of really nice nylon Pradas out for the fall season. Check Bluefly as well as Styledrops. Bluefly has had some killer bags lately and they are all 20% off retail. More if you can snag a promo code. ;)