Opinions on this Pony CL

  1. I'm watching these on eBay, what do you guys think of them? I'm also wondering if they would fit me. I take a size 8 in U.S. sizing but a 38.5 in most Christian Louboutins. The lady selling them says she's between an 8 and a 8.5 and they fit her. These are a 39- would they fit? I don't have wide feet but I also don't have narrow feet.


  2. I love these, I've been watching them on eBay too! I wear 8-8.5 and my VP is a 39 and it fits just fine. I'd say you'll be OK with 39.
  3. Same thing here, I am mostly a US 8 8.5 and I take a 39 or 39.5 (if summershoes) in the VP's
  4. I love these, well I would, I've got them!

    But I think they will fit you, I got a UK4/37 which I am in EVERY shoe I have, and they are a little snug. So going a size bigger would be fine I think x
  5. They're beautiful! I wish I could find them in a 40 or 40.5 :nuts:
  6. I LOVE this shoe! I have it but rarely wear it because it is too tight on me.
    I have been watching this auction also.
    I normally wear a size 38 but in VPs, I usually go with a 38.5 or 39.
  7. Thanks for your help ladies.
    Unfortunately it looks like the auction has been ended by the seller because the item is no longer available for sale. I know My Purse Addiction was looking for these too (way before me!) and was on the fence about getting them until Posh posted pics of hers... MPA- I see you're on here-are you the culprit?! LMAO!!! In all seriousness, if I didn't get them, I hope another tPFer did! Unless the seller just ended the auction altogether in which case shame on her! LOL!

    I'm still interested in getting a pair of VPs, but maybe in suede. I'm thinking those might be more practical- I'm not sure what I would have worn the pony ones with...I have a rather boring wardrobe LOL. If I'm going to shell out that much money on a pair of shoes, I should probably wear them. Is the sizing for suede VPs the same as the pony ones?

    One last note- the sizing thread says that VPs run TTS...but everyone here has said otherwise. I'm confused :confused1: