Opinions on this Pond Satchel Please!!

  1. Opinions:


    And what color wallet would you carry with it?? Maybe this French Purse?


    Or would that be too much Pond?? :s
  2. I have the pond satchel and it is BEAUTIFUL, but HEAVY! If you are OK with a heavy bag then go for it!!

    I don't worry about matching wallets to my bags but the pond french purse is adorable too!
  3. Ooo:huh:OOoo~! I love them both!!! I don't think there's ever too much pond!! :smile:
  4. i like it! and just saying hello to a fellow canuck
  5. I love this bag! I have it in black. The pond is really pretty! That wallet would look good with it.
  6. beautiful ! I have a bag in this color. Sometimes I use red accesories or black with it. They also have the legacy stripe french framed purse that would go well with other things too if you think it is to "matchy"
  7. I agree, you can never have TOO much Pond. *LOL* But if you want an alternative, you can always try the Legacy Striped Slim Envelope (see attached pic from drilldown) or its smaller version Legacy Striped French Wallet (can't find the pic to this):

  8. Would someone who owns this bag (doesn't matter about color) kindly post some modeling pictures, so I can get an idea of what it looks like on someone?
  9. :drool: Oh wow that Legacy Stripe Slim Envelope is gorgeous! Seriously, and then it totally wouldn't be so matchy. It would be stunning.

    Oh dear. :sweatdrop:
  10. I think it's really pretty. :yes: I think a black wallet even or white would look great too.. and it would look good with more bags. Really any color will go with it! :tup:
  11. I look like hell right now, otherwise I would go model my pond one for you. All I have is a BAD pic of me holding the canvas/white legacy satchel of the same style. I have lost like 20 pounds since this pic, please excuse my fat arms :yucky: :roflmfao:
  12. OHH Tara you are always pretty, shush!
  13. I love the pond color! I think these would look great together!! Like jessaperben said the legacy stripe wallet would look amazing too!
  14. I love love love the pond satchel! I had it in my hands (or on my arm LOL) in the outlet a few different times, but never got it. The only reason is it was just a little too heavy for me, I'm better off with shoulder bags. But anyway, it's beautiful & definitely a keeper :tup: And I like the Pond wallet with it :yes:
  15. Love the pond wallet with it! But I love matching:p
    I love the look of the satchel but it's also just too heavy for me. Although others on here carry it with no problem so I guess it just depends on what you are used to.