Opinions on this outfit please!?!

  1. Is it logo overkill lol? I'm going to be wearing a lacoste polo and jeans. What do you think about these shoes and bag 2gether...

    these coach shoes(ones on the bottom)

    AND my cabas piano
  2. Disclaimer: totally mho follows.

    this is logo overkill for me.
    but I don't wear or carry anything with an obvious logo/brand on it. So take what I say with a grain of salt; I won't even carry an LV mono (now the epi, that's another story!)

    That said, I've seen some ladies who really can rock this look. If that's you, and you like it, then go for it!!!
  3. Sorry, but I don't like monogram-anything. I don't even use LV's monogram. Total overkill in my opinion.
  4. One Monogram print is ENOUGH. I don't really like Monogram styles either but made the exception with my LV Speedy 30 only. It's a classic bag that I absolutely love. I would never purchase logod shoes or anything like that..If I did I'd definitely only wear/carry one piece at a time.:yes:
  5. definitely overkill. choose one of the two.
  6. If I wear any logos I keep it to one item. more than that is overkill IMO.
  7. jmho, i wouldn't go for the shoes.
  8. agree with posters above me. Personally, I don't do logo except for very rare occasions where I fall in LOVE with something.
  9. One logo is enough..it looks like Logo overload...
  10. overkill. maybe wear a different pair of shoes with the outfit?
  11. I agree to keeping visible logos to one minimum. Having the busy coach design and the lv monogram is too much detail on the middle and bottom of a person. You'll be unbalanced, lol! imo, a busy design is best kept on the middle part of the body, so maybe keep the bag and don't wear the shoes.
  12. No on the shoes, yes on the bag.
  13. just my opinion too but i don't like logo print anything... if forced to choose i'd go for the bag but just because logo shoes are just too much in all circumstances.
  14. Overkill yes
  15. THANK YOU ALL!! I really appreciate it. I'm just going for the bag, I'll wear different shoes. =)