opinions on this outfit for las vegas?

  1. [​IMG]

    I kind of like the cropped jacket, but should I go for a longer one? and should I keep jewelry simple or go for a chunkier necklace? the top has sequins on it.
  2. I think it depends on what type of event you are planning on wearing the outfit to....It definitely screams "holiday party"...
    If that is the setting you will be in, I think it looks great.
  3. i like the jacket and the dress, however, i am not sure i like them together.
    it may look better in person...just not sure.

    also, i agree with the above post. if it's a holiday party then yes, where the dress.

    i would keep the jewelry to a minimum since the top is so festive. maybe just earrings...

  4. I'd lose the jacket.
  5. I agree with Archipelago. That top is too pretty to be covered up!

  6. I agree.
  7. The dress is a gorgeous color-I have to agree-lose the jacket. I agree with just great earrings too. Have a great time!
  8. see when I had just the top, it screamed ballerina to me.


    it's for going to a show ... I had another thread but gave up on the top because it looked best with jeans and I need to be more dressy than jeans
  9. Do you have a black shawl? I don't think it screams ballerina- but I see where it could say that...
  10. looks better without the jacket...... x

  11. Its such a pretty dress, I would say dont wear it with the jacket, find a shawl
    and get those pretty feet in some heels girl!

  12. love both top and bottom... but im not quite sure if i love them together??
    i think the top is great because of all the sparkly sequence, and the bottom is great because of the shimmer it brings. but together i think it might be a little too much?? i think the top would look awsome with a simple black pencil skirt or something?? i dunno. but im sure whatever u wear, i know it'll look FABULOUS!!
  13. Hmmm I think you should add some heels :tup:
  14. If you want to keep the jacket you should wear a black top instead.
  15. Definitely add heels and the Ballerina-feel will be lost.

    I was in Vegas this past August, and believe me, you can wear ANYTHING in Vegas! Bottom line is, they just want your money, so you'll see some dirty guy in a plaid shirt sitting next to a gorgeous woman in a sequin dress with a Chanel bag at the slots!