Opinions on this orange Anthropologie jacket please...

  1. Well if you wear neutrals mostly, this would be great to update your look....I think it is a keeper....
    beautiful coat..
  2. totally agree with anitalilac!!!
  3. Very cute!
  4. i like it! i would wear it with black skinny jeans.. but thats just me
  5. I'd love to see this with a navy and white boatneck striped shirt with some blue jeans!

    Lovely coat!
    Good choice!
  6. Very cute! I liked that coat and it came in petite sizes... perhaps I will check it out! I was hoping it would go on sale. I also think it would look great with skinny jeans and neutral colors.
  7. its very cute i like it. you can still wear neutral colors with it like some khaki pants and a white tee or jeans you can still wear your neutrals this jacket will just spice up the outfit and make it look better.
  8. I love it! Such a pretty color...I think you should wear it with a neutral colored outfit.
  9. Keep it! It'll be great with jeans, black slacks, khaki or beige slacks, white jeans or pants, etc. Its always surprising how much use one can get out of a bright color. It'll probably last you for years and years and still stay fresh-looking. Plus, I love the style.
  10. I love it!! very cute.
  11. I think it's such a cool color! The buttons are a really nice touch too, gives it a more vintage flair.

    I think that this could also look good worn unbottoned over a black turtleneck and black skinny jeans.
  12. Cute jacket, and orange actually goes with a lot.
  13. I think it would look awesome with a mini skirt and tights with cute patent pumps!
  14. I'm not a fan for some reason--I don't love the cut or the shade of orange, although I do love to wear orange. It looks like I'm in the minority though! enjoy it!