Opinions on this new COLOR AC Mid City (GET YOUR SUNGLASSES READY!)

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  1. I like the color! Really poppy. Looks like that leather might be softer then the other ac leathers by the looks of it.
  2. Don't you think it's a little too "out there"? I love her butterscotch color so this is radical to me. Opinions will be appreciated. Here it is:
  3. I love the color! I really like bags that depart from the usual neutral colors. It adds a "fun" element to an outfit.
  4. Great color -- really pops. I guess it all depends on the number of bags you have and how you use them: if you have many and this is just another addition to the collection, then why not! If, on the other hand, you have few this color might not be the most versatile. Your personal style matters as well -- I usually go for more classic bags but can go crazy with my shoes (but I have far far more shoes than bags)
  5. I like it, I think it is a very pretty colour!
  6. I'm sorry, not for me. Is it fushia, is it red? I can't tell. But, with that said, I usually stick with black and brown so I am pretty boring.
  7. It's called Magenta. I know what you mean because I would be using it for an everyday bag and though I am DYING for a mid city tote, I'm just not seeing this color for me. I HOPE her other new colors hit me better. I agree with the others that it pops but maybe it's TOO MUCH POPPING for everyday.....:confused1:
  8. i think the color is great! in addition to my regular neutrals, i'm trying to put a "pop" of color in...this color is great and i think it will go with a lot more than you might think!
  9. I saw this bag IRL at Calypso, it's gorgeous - a true hot pink! The leather isn't as shiny as the glazed but it's not as flat as the black, it's on the nicer side (not dry). I think this bag is HOT, I love it!
  10. I think i've seen this color on a different AC style and it is pretty but pretty bright...so not for the tame of heart!
  11. I love it! Maybe not for everyday, but the color looks great!
  12. I agree that the leather looks fabulous...my favorite leather that she does! I just wish it would be in a more subdued color!
  13. Sorry, not my color. Where is my sunglasses???
  14. I love the color! I would so get it!!! Bright colors are really popular right now than the regular black, white, nude hues...its so bold and it would def just dress up an outfit even tho you dont match=)