Opinions on this Nappa Drawstring Satchel?

  1. Calling all Prada Experts, tell me what you think of this bag! My friend was interested in it and asked for my opinion. I never had any experience with Prada, so I couldn't give her any advice. Now she doesn't want it, but after lurking around in the Prada section, I want one! What do you girls think? It looks a lot like the Nappa Spring Satchel to me. How's the leather and the size? Does it look used to you? And most importantly, does it look legit?

    Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

    Thanks everyone :flowers:
  2. oh, silly me.. I forgot the most important component- the pictures!

    Btw, I was told the pictures make the bag look purple-ish, but it's acutally dark brown with gold hardware.
    miu miu- 1(2).jpg miu miu- 2 (2).jpg miu miu- 3(2).jpg
  3. and here's 2 more...
    miu miu- 4(2).jpg miu miu- 5(2).jpg
  4. i saw this one before, in light beige and dark brown. it's a great everyday bag. it's not that large, around 8" tall as i recall. i got lots of stuffs (books, ipod and sometimes labtop) and so need the larger one.
  5. I'm a petite girl (5'2" on a good day), so I'm afraid the big one would look overwhelming for my body size. Can the straps be carried on the shoulders?
  6. Love this bag..big fan...I think it's slick:yes:
  7. Thumbs up, all the way up! Love that bag!
  8. I love the look of it, but does it look authentic to you?
  9. I just got this bag the other week. Yes, it looks authentic. Here is my thread with pics if you want to reference them... Miu Miu pics]
  10. I'm 5'6", and the handles can't be worn on the shoulder. The detachable strap works cross-body or on the shoulder.

  11. hey z, how much did you get yours for?

    This person wants to sell it at a really tempting price, but it does not come with authenticity cards nor receipts, so I want to be extra careful. So, any other thoughts?

    Also, in the condition that you see from the pictures, how much do you think the bag should be worth (meaning, does it look used? and if so, how much do you think it's worth now compared to the $860 retail)?
  12. I really like it :smile: