Opinions on this miu miu tote?

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  1. I got this at NM the other day since it's so lightweight and seemingly durable. It has great front pockets and a big open top so I can access my items without any trouble espec since my DS is w/ me at all times. The leather is veined like Bal bags and glazed. It has a great shoulder drop and very comfy to wear. However....I want to see if this bag will stand the test of time and go w/ everything. I think my judgement is clouded. :shrugs: Opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Here are the pics:

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  2. A Miu Miu that is lightweight?? Didn't know they made such a bag!! :wtf:
    What a great concept!! Love the outer pockets and the distressed look of the leather!! Keep us posted on how well it wears!!! ;)
  3. It's an interesting bag. I like the outside pocket too. I don't understand the top - what are the two flaps over the opening? Are they the shoulder straps? Does the bag jut open for all to see? Do you have modeling pics?
  4. The bag is an open top but there are two flaps that snap together to *some" privacy I suppose. You can still reach in there though. I love the lining, hot pink satin! There are shoulder straps w/ a comfy drop length. Maybe when Owen goes to sleep tonight *fingers crossed* and I have some time to kill (ha) I can take some pics. It might be later on in the week though.

    I'm still undecided. However I have my eye on a gorg black leather Prada shopping tote I saw today on bf.com. I shouldn't have visited that website..:Push:
  5. I like it alouette! It does look lightweight and low maintenance. That miu miu is a great 'default' bag if you switch purses from time to time. Perfect for a mommy who needs easy access to everything! Congrats!
  6. Hi Alouette,
    I'll be the dissenter. I'm not loving it. I'm not a big fan of distressed leather anyway, and I just think there are much "prettier" Miu Miu and Prada totes. I don't know how lightweight they are, but I would love to see what you have your eye on on BF. Link?
  7. I'm sorry...I'm not loving it either. But the only opinion that matters is yours, so I hope you're enjoying it!
  8. Ooooooh, Alouette,

    That Prada tote is beautiful--I'm sorry it disappeared from bf. I like it much better than the Miu Miu. Yes, I understand about selling blood. I'm on a purse ban--unless I find the Gucci vintage leather Bouvier that I missed getting on ebay. :crybaby:

    Good luck!
  9. Alouette, that bag is SO not you!! I have a little different version of that Prada tote and trust me, that tote is more your speed. Keep checking on Bluefly. It's only in someone's shopping cart right now or it wouldn't be showing up at all.

    Here's mine. The leather is so smooshy and the smell is absolutely intoxicating!! LOVES!! :tender:

  10. I think it's really practical and cute. I think it would go with lots of different outfits.
  11. Thanks everyone for all your input. PP - you really do know my taste. Your bag is TDF! I think I saw one of those on the bf website iirc. Upon further thought, it's back in her bag and going back to NM tomorrow. I put all my things in there to see if it would fit, they do but I just can't get into it. I carried it around my house while looking in the mirror and just can't get it to "work" with my style. I think my judgement was clouded by it being so practical and the perfect size. Guess I'll keep looking. :shrugs:
  12. Rut row...I'm in trouble. I just ordered that Prada tote from bf.com. I hope I like it..or should I say I hope I don't! I'm vewy vewy bad.
  13. ^^^Which one? The black one in the link or the one like mine? :graucho:
  14. The black one that I originally posted in the link. I guess it was only in someone's cart and she/he didn't buy it. Yahoo for me!