Opinions on this messenger bag?

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  1. Seeing as how school is starting in just about a month, I've begun my search for a new messenger bag! Although I love my old Diesel messenger, I was looking to upgrade to something a little nicer. Since I'm one of the plain 'ol jane type of guys, and I find simplicity attractive, I was looking for one in plain black, with maybe a small logo here or there.

    I came across this Coach bag for only $200. The logos are discrete, yet noticeable. I'm really considering choosing this one, but wanted some second, third, and fourth opinions!

    Suggestions on any other bags are more than welcome too!

    Coach Messenger Bag
  2. There are a lot of this kind of bags at the outlet right now. I just went last nite to my local outlet and they were there. May be less money than this one. Dont know as im not in the market for that kind of bag,but if you have an outlet near to you, it may be worth a try.
  3. It seems like a great school bag, I've checked it out for myself but never got around to buying. They were at the outlets recently maybe yours still has one! Good luck!
  4. I like it! And I think the outlet had them for about ~150, just in case that's an option for you.
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    I'll check my local outlet out!

    Although, on second thought, do you guys think it might be a little TOO plain?
  6. ^^Not at all...you really don't want it to scream Coach. And since Coach bags tend to last a long time, you can probably keep using this after you are out in the working world and this style, understated and classy, is perfect for that :tup:
  7. I used to have this bag but it's not comfortable to wear on the shoulder.

    I ended up selling it on Craigslist.
  8. I have it and I like it. I use it for school; I carry my laptop, ac adaptor, bottle water, and some snacks. I like how it has 2 zip pockets. The strap does get uncomfortable at times. I got mine at the outlet about a month ago, it was $150 before the 20% off. I went to the outlet the other day and my messenger bag was sold out. There was a similar bag there; instead of the leather strip on the front, it was a white canvas strip with the Coach button logo. I did not check out the price.
  9. I love how classic it looks
  10. My partner had the khaki/vachetta version, it was amazing! Most comfortable bag every, and fit almost everything. They are way cheaper at the outlet, so you may want to give them a try. Also, they have the new versions in there "travel" section at the outlet, which in my opinion are alot better. But thats probably because Im used to the old kind
  11. I like it a lot; I don't think it is too plain either. But I agree--if you are near an outlet, check out what they have. I've seen a lot of messenger bags there.
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    I called my local outlet and gave them the model number. Sadly they didn't have any in stock. :Push: I gave them my info though and they said they would call me first when one came in.

    In the meantime, what other messenger bags does Coach offer that I could pick up at the outlet?
  13. It looks like a well done bag... But I just saw a new thread with a messenger bag in black that look more usable...