Opinions on this LV?

  1. Whilst skimming through Vogue [August 07 issue] I fell upon this LV Monogram Tote.

    Opinions? Retail price is unknown to me.

    [click to enlarge]


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  2. Hot!!
  3. I'm not a fan of it at the moment, but have a feeling that it will grow on me. :oh:
  4. Any ideas on when it'll be available in stores...and dare I ask, price? :graucho:

    I like it...I agree with you John, it's okay for me at the moment, but everytime I see it, it grows on me a bit. :smile:
  5. its part of the cruise collection. restricter posted about it a while ago.
    i think its really ugly.:throwup:
  6. Don't like it...It's a bit too...much...for me
  7. Looks like a basket up top...oh no, not for me either.
  8. i love it :smile:
  9. I think I'd have to see it in real life, everything always looks so different!
  10. ehh. i don't like it but maybe i'll change my mind if i see it in person.
  11. Looks very busy to me. I am looking forward to see it in fresh
  12. Yeah! Now I wanna see it in person!
  13. A little too much going on for me.
  14. It also comes in a bucket bag, called the New Bucket (new because it doesn't come with a little zip pouch) which is approximately $2700 -- and I know because I waitlisted for it. This style should be somewhere in that range. It was featured on the cover of WWD back in June. Personally, I liked it. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but hey, don't "hate" the bags, a'ight? They didn't ask to be made that way.
  15. i don't like it. too much going on. although, i'm sure for other ladies, it'll grow on them.