Opinions on this little Hayden Harnett?

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  1. ADORABLE!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. Very cute. I love the color!
  3. I think it's really cute and would work well in a dipe bag! Looks like it has lots of organization for all your mommy stuff.
  4. when it's done with it's baby-mommy duties, you can take it out to lunch when you're back at work, this way, you won't have to carry your entire purse, and your hands are free!
  5. I ordered it in black last week, havent recieved it yet.
  6. Cute! I think it would be great for inside a baby bag.
  7. I purchased this in blue as a gift for a family member, but am returning it. It isn't large enough for the intended recipient's items unfortunately.
  8. it's cute, get it!
  9. Do you know what your family member was trying to put in it? Do you think it would hold a small wallet, keys, cell and sunglasses? Thanks!
  10. Ohhh I love it!!! I used to do that when my kids were babies too. I would carry a small bag for my stuff - you could put that around your shoulders when you're out shopping. I would get it.....very nice.
  11. Lovely. My children are much older now but I had such a dull bag when they were young and I would have loved shopping for something as sweet but functional as this!
  12. turtlejd: I think a sleek cellphone, keys and some credit cards/cash would be the extent of it. I was hoping a wallet could fit in, too but unfortunately not. I'm addicted to HH bags and am hoping they'll have a larger carryall in their upcoming collection. I've attached some pictures to this post which will probably help illustrate the clutch better. Hope this helps!

    IMG_1383 (2).JPG IMG_1386 (2).JPG IMG_1384 (2).JPG
  13. GREAT pics, mochiblure! Thanks for sharing! Do you ever wear this over the shoulder or cross body like they show on the HH website? What do you think of it being worn that way?

  14. Thanks for the pics mochiblure! That really helps. :smile: I guess sunglasses are out. Is there a spot to put dollar bills without folding them? Thanks!