Opinions on this Juicy wallet/clutch please!!!

  1. Hey guys,
    So I've never had a "nice" wallet so to speak. I carry alot around with me. tonz of cards (not just credit cards but all those rewards cards and such), lots of receipts that pile up, change and some cash.

    I'm on a super budget but if needed I'll wait for just the right thing to go on sale.

    This Juicy Couture clutch seems great b/c the leather is really pebbly soft, it has an adorable cell phone pocket so i could run in and out of stores and not have to carry both seperately, 2 pockets for receipts and cash and a cute change purse.
    on the other hand will i have enough room for all my cards?
    is it cute?
    I know the juicy makes it a little bling, but otherwise i feel like it's a timeless design.

    what do you all think? It's only $135 and I can find a coupon so it'll be a little less.
    the only other wallet that is tempting me is the Marc Jacobs zip wallet- but it's $450!! not happening in this lifetime!!

  2. I'm liking the cell phone holder and the change holder. Where did you find it on sale? What coupon will you use? hmmmmm I might need one of these. Is it thick?
    I like it.:graucho: Perfect for running in and out with just a wallet.
  3. I love it! :love:
  4. oh good! glad you guys like it also.

    the leather is so soft! i'm either going to wait for a Nordstroms sale or use a revolve coupon code.

    i may have to wait for hubby to buy it as a b-day present thought cuz i've been on a buying spree and this isn't a "neccesity"
  5. I like the pleats, but is seems like it could get bulky and hard to close if you try to put too much in it?
  6. omg i love it :smile: adorable!
  7. so cute!!!
  8. Totally adorable, and really doubles as a stylish clutch as well as a really organized wallet. I have a black continental juicy wallet/clutch and I love them. Definitely approve, since I plan on getting the same clutch but only in pewter!
  9. I bought this for my daughter (a christmas present) and can't wait to give it to her! The cell phone pocket fits NONE of our cells btw and they're all thin new phones. Still, it's a gorgeous clutch wallet!
  10. I own this! I got it in june for 95 at Nordstrom! It is hard to close when full but the leather is super soft and durable. I am so hard on my tings I use it as a wallet and it fits awesomely in bags that are about the size of a juicy fluffy :tup:

    OH and I always get compliments when I pull it out of a bag. Most go "Is that a Juicy!?!?!" It's so ahem classy. lol.
  11. thanks guys.
    you've solidified it for me. now do i wait for DH to "surprise" me with it or just wait for the right deal and swoop in?!? lol. decisions decisions......:p
  12. I like it. Juicy's leather items are pretty nice. I think they're a better buy than their terry items.
  13. Most def! I won't pay big bucks for anything that isn't leather! :nogood:

    So how small is that cellphone pocket? I actually considered getting that clutch, but then I realized I have a Treo. It's HUGE. I know it won't fit in that pocket, but I'm trying to think of what else I could put in there :confused1:...
  14. I think it's really cute. And I normally don't like juicy! The only thing I don't like on there is the giant logo.