Opinions on This Juicy Bag Please

  1. I saw this Juicy Couture Morea Velour Tote on Eluxury tonight and I really like it. Any opinions on this bag? :yes:

  2. Very cute, I love it. AbagLover has 2 of them. =)
  3. I love the style of the bag, just not digging the color combo.
  4. It´s cute but I don´t like the Juicy text
  5. it's cute, ia ctually love the bowler though
  6. I love it, colors and plaid and all. IMO I am not into the Juicy lettering being so large. I'd rather see it more subdued. It's a great style, though!!
  7. That bag is cute! I like the plaid.
  8. It's cute!

    I especially love the color :smile: :smile: :smile:
  9. I'm not a fan, but then again, I'm not a huge fan of Juicy Couture bags. If you like it though, go for it!
  10. I have that bag in messenger style.
  11. Thanks everyone for your opinions. It means alot to me. I do like this color.
  12. It's pretty cute (but only for winter :P)
  13. not a fans of the JUICY logo.. it's too striking :P
    but i may be biased, i never been a juicy fans
  14. I love it!! Like bag.lover said, I have two -- one in peck (blue) and one in suspicion (pink). The velour is really soft and the bag is HUGE so I can carry all my stuff in it. The handles are also very comfortable on the shoulders.
  15. If you like it, go for it.
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