Opinions on this JC shoes

  1. What do you girls think of this Jimmy Choo open toe pumps.
    :tup: OR :tdown:

  2. I think they are very hot and sexy, but I would not personally be able to pull them off... But i will give them a:

  3. I think they're sort of sexy. . . but the more I look at them, the less I like them! LOL!
  4. I like them, but I do not know what to wear with them if I was to buy them.

    Swanky - I know what you mean. I keep looking at them and I find a "but" all the time......

    Ill keep looking for some FAB JChoo Shoes..
  5. I'm not loving those. I do really like the peep toes with the buckles across the toes. I was looking at those in a store in red, although they have black too. Kindof a similar thing (zipper/buckle and peep toe). My favorite JC shoes tend to be the boots. They have hot boots.
  6. I agree with everyone above. I like them but dont. I once bought a pair similar but closed and never wore them. Even though they are black, they just didnt go with anything. I know that sounds stupid, but it was weird. But if you truly like something, get them no matter what anyone says.
  7. thx yall..... i like them like i said but i just cant seem to have anything to wear them with..
  8. OHHH NOOO A NAY:tdown:
  9. I love them. Sooo hot!! If you look at the ad for them, they are amazing.
  10. I like them...I think they'd look good with dresses. But if you think you don't have anything to wear them with, you shouldn't purchase! I'm sure we all have several pairs that we never ended up wearing.
  11. They are soooo hot! OMG!
  12. :tdown:
  13. I think I found a winner ..... what do you think of this ones .... they have them on black too but i so much like the blue better......

    I already picture myself with this ones !!!:yahoo:

    It will be my first pair of JChoos so how does the sizing works. I usually buy 7 for strappy sandals/shoes but on open toe I buy 6.5 ....

  14. Oh love those too!!! I would go up a size.