Opinions on this jacket?

  1. Its on its way to me, called the Mackage Amanda coat
  2. Woops forget to attach photo
  3. Nice! Quite smart but casual enough to dress down a bit with jeans
  4. love it
  5. LOVE. it. :heart:
  6. cute!
  7. very cute!
  8. That is one hot jacket!
  9. LOVE it, great choice!
  10. I like it, looks very nice.
  11. LOVE. Mackage is the go-to brand for a beautiful, modern and sophisticated jacket. Lovely!
  12. :heart: it!
  13. I LOVE Mackage (and the Soia & Kyo line too), I've wanted one for years but have yet to purchase one. That is a great coat, I think you'll be very happy with it and you will look amazing for sure.
  14. Thanks guys. Its a large and im a medium but I guess with a business suit or sweater inside it might be ok?? Can I take it in if it is too big?
  15. very classy