Opinions on this Jacket

  1. Morning All,

    Any opinions on this Jacket (without the popped collar)? TIA :flowers:

  2. I luv it! Love it!!
  3. I think it is a coat you can use pretty much from spring to autumn, which is good. the colour is neutral and it reminds me of BV limo so loves...

    nice one - the only thing I am not too sure about from a pic is the A-line - depends how it looks on you. I have an A-line coat and dont wear it bec not 100% on me.
  4. Thanks ladies! It's 200 Australian $, so not terribly expensive. Hopefully it will fill the "I need a light coat" gap in my wardrobe. I can return it if it's unsuitable.

  5. It seems like a nice wardrobe staple. Good for everyday.
  6. Lovely coat; The colour will look really good on you too.
  7. Hmmmmmmmmm.....

  8. I think it's cute.
  9. I like it...it looks so light and beautiful!
  10. its a nice jacket. But if u feel the price is a concern, maybe u can look out for GAP. I'm sure Gap will come out with something similar. :smile:
  11. Unfortunately no Gap here in Holland - bummer eh? Or Starbucks.
  12. I really like it - think it would be a fab coat - Get it!!!!:yes:
  13. Thanks Ladies, I did order it - hopefully won't get stuck in customs!!!! Woohoo!
  14. Yeah - congrats!:smile: