Opinions on this jacket please :)

  1. Hey there,

    I saw this jacket on the Zara website - any opinions? I was thinking of one in white.

    TIA :flowers:

  2. not sure how i'd feel about it in white, but i think it's super cute in the orage :p i love the buttons and the collar
  3. To me the orange and black is too much ! I really am not that keen on the sleeves ... but a different colour can make all the difference.

    The white sounds like the better choice.
  4. I really like this "voluminous/swing style" I call it. I love the orange!
  5. I like the style but not the color. I agree with Prada that white sounds better.
  6. i think i have to qualify my statement above by saying that with the orange, if you wear the wrong outfit you could end up completely looking like a halloween jack-o-lantern :borg:
  7. LOL - OMG, it IS orange, I thought it was red. Anyhoo, yeah, I was leaning towards a white one (white is VERY daring for me lol)
  8. ^^^Godd point, there's a Haloween risk! I never wear orange and black, except on well you know! Let us know Cal!
  9. Or what about this one (in white):

  10. I like the first one better. :yes:
  11. I like the first one you posted MUCH better just in white :smile:
  12. The first one in white would be nice but change the buttons!
  13. Ugh, went and had a look at it today - it was hideous, had all this weird buttons and gathering on the back in the middle of the back.

    Back to the old drawing board. Thanks for your opinions on this :flowers:
  14. The clothes at Zara always look better in print. They don't wear well either, so you are better off. If you get a coat in white make sure it won't crease too much.
  15. I like the 1st one more :smile: in white. it would look hot!