Opinions on this Hype bag?

  1. OKay, so I'm holding out for a LV Brentwood in Amarante for my birthday or Christmas(would be my first "luxury" bag), but I still want a new bag now. If I spend much more than $300, my husband will give me a serious guilt trip about wanting the Brentwood later. I found this Hype bag on Bluefly that I think is really cute, and while I know that only I can make the decision, it would be helpful to know what other people think too- I don't want to be carrying around a bag the majority of women think is ugly!

    Anyway, here it is- let me know what you guys think!
  2. I like it a lot! Very nice shape!

    Love that LV bag too - gorgeous!
  3. Love it...Hype has become one of my news faves!!

    Let us know what you decide!

  4. I love that bag! So cute!!
  5. I need some help with picking a hype bag as well..visit my thread... (OK What do we think...)

    I need some assistance!!
  6. It's a cute bag, I say go for it! I love Hype Bags, they have some great styles and the quality is nothing to complain about. I've been toting mine around daily for two years and it still looks very good despite it being a white bag.
  7. I think I would want to see it live - I saw a hype wallet I thought was cute on bluefly. They ended up having them @ my local Marshalls - when I saw IRL - I was SO glad did not buy! They felt cheap cheap cheap & were already in bad shape from people just handling them. Not one, but all of them! I also saw a couple of bags that looked OK but I didn't really inspect the quality.
  8. Thanks guys! The more I look at it, the more I like it- and if that $30 off code still works, I'd be dumb not to get it, I think! Kbell, I've only seen a few Hype bags in person, but I will defintitely go check them out again today just to be sure- thanks for the heads up!
  9. It's a cute bag! Go for it.
  10. Very cute bag! :tup: