Opinions on this headband?

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  1. [​IMG]
    It's $65 and I'm trying to justify spending that much on a headband. What do you think of it? (It comes in other colors too)
  2. will you wear it more than one time?? lol.. if yes, go for it!!
  3. Really cute... but a tad expensive.
  4. cute but you could get a head band some super glue and gems and do it yourself haha

    its cute for like a party
  5. Nice headbands are always so expensive, it seems to me. I've never been able to justify buying one, but I should. I love them and this is one is very cute!
  6. I love it! If you think you will wear it a lot it could be a good investment!
  7. if its something you would wear ofen then go for it. i think its really cute.
  8. Its cute, and like the others have said, if you think you will get a lot of wear out of it. go for it.
  9. i think it's something your going to like for now and use it maybe once or twice but then thats it...i couldn't go for it but get it if you really like it
  10. I'm not crazy about..and like the other girls said, unless you really LOVE it, $65 is a bit much IMO!
  11. i'm pretty "free" when it comes to spending $ .. lol [ like most of us are! $1,000 for a purse .. no problem! ]

    .. but personally for a headband .. i don't think i'd spend $65 .. esp. for that one. it's just not all that cute to me .. like one of the girls said .. u could totally buy one and glue the gems on yourself.

    .. but if u LOVE LOVE LOVE it -- and think you'll get great use out of it .. then go for it! :smile:
  12. I don't like it and it's too expensive for a headband.
  13. hmmm...that doesn't look like it's worth $65! but get it if you really love it and think you can get some good use out of it
  14. it's nice headbandI like it!
  15. I really like it! I would spend that much if I knew I would wear it a lot.