Opinions on this Haymarket tote?

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  1. That bag is nice, it used to be in my wishlist, but later I found that PVC bag is too heavy for me, so I'm on the fabric bag now!
  2. Thanks! I didn't realize PVC was that heavy - that's definitely something to take into consideration. Love the fabric ones too. So many hard choices:smile:
  3. nice bag...although i myself prefer leather versions with a lot of brass finishings...The Haymarket is a classic and will only continue to rise in value!
  4. Congrats on your bag, it's gorgeous!
  5. I like the classic tote one this one seems like it would take forever to open if I need to get to something quickly
  6. I have the leather one pic is a few posts above I think it's the same one I love the hay market but I'm afraid of color transfer
  7. I've been reading about many women on here concerned with the same! Honestly I only had a small issue with that recently and have had my bag for over a year. Even so I do inspect my bag after use and the jeans I wear do not bleed even in the washer. There was a smallBlue smudge on it recently but it came off with an alcohol swab. My bag still looks as new as when I bought it! Try keeping the shape of your bag with Pursendipity and you may buy PVC protector spray to make stains come out even easier. :smile:
  8. PVC isn't that hard to protect if you treat ur bag with care and respect...don't put it on places with water or stains cause it can cause color transfer.