Opinions on this Gucci bucket bag? (please pleaseee help!)

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  1. for anyone who has seen this bag or owns this bag, any opinions? It's going for a ridiculously discounted price at designergoodsonline.. and even though it might sound like sale goggles, I HAVE been eyeing this for a while. I just can't figure out whether or not it would be a practical bag. (Plus, I've been watching my spending because I'm planning on 3 LV purchases in the next month.. :nuts:) So what do you think? It's supposed to be 9x10x4, if those dimensions help you get a better idea of it. Thanks!


    oh I also forgot to mention that I would probably be using this for school. Luckily, none of my books or notebooks are very large- I know that they would fit in the purse for sure.
  2. I don't personally own the bag, but I've heard that the straps can really dig into the shoulders. :\
  3. I tried it on at Neimans and liked it pretty well, I want it in pink though!
    I agree, if you stuff it w/ books, it could be uncomfotable, you'd need nice wide straps for that, otherwise I really like this bag.
  4. Oh, a question{?} Do we know that they carry auth items? I haven't shopped w/ them before.
  5. I have the bucket (grey denim) for a very long time (very old model), I don't use it anymore although I used to use it everyday. I think I have the bigger one though (medium, 14x12x4.5 approx) which is a very practical size. The one you want sounds a little small for everyday use and don't think it fits books, get the medium one if I were you. There is even a larger one but you can't carry it on your shoulder.

    The only thing I don't like about it is the corners at the bottom, there is no leather protection, so the material does get frail with heavy use. But to be fair I didn't take good care of it, I dumped it everywhere even on the floor...shame.

    Hope it helps.
  6. wondering the same, their prices are awfully suspicious:suspiciou

  7. bumpity bump!
    Anyone know about this site?
  8. It's a nice-looking bag, but I don't know much about it!
  9. I bought a prada sport messenger bag from them last year. The leather is spectacular and the overall quality is exceptional. Its the only Prada thing I own. I'd be curious to see what others have to say.