Opinions on this givenchy tinhan shopper?

  1. I came across this on forward last night and just fell inlove...I have been wanting a more user friendly Givenchy after selling my nightingale...plus I absolutely LOOOVE burgundy, plus its so in for fall...

    I already have a micro burgundy Celine luggage, so this would be my 2nd burgundy bag...I don't usually like multiples in the same colour, but then again this is a much bigger bag..could be used more for work.

    Anyways, the price is great but I did find the same bag (cream colour) sold for around $750 elseware... but half the reason I want it is because of the colour!!

    What does everyone think?? I like bags to keep their value and I hope this is of them but obviously its not as popular as the nightingale or the antigona.

    P.S. I already ordered it pending some info on shipping and customs to Canada...not sure how forward works??

  2. no opinions??
  3. Love this! Classic and understated. Color is gorgeous. It may not be as popular as the nightingale, panda or antigona but that make it even more charming. Keeper!
  4. I like the zipper detail and obviously the purple is amazing.
  5. I personally love this bag. It's a tad on the bigger side for me but love it.
    In the image, it appears more purple/eggplant than burgundy? Is it just my display?

    I'm curious to see how it looks with the zippers closed. I saw a black/blue/brown version of this bag on sale a couple months ago and it was lovely. I was very tempted but resisted.

    FWIW - there's a black one on sale on fashionphile's website in case you wanted a more basic color.

    I love me some burgundy!!! Post pics when you receive it!
  6. thanks for the input ladies...

    the bag ships with USPS/Canada Post so fingers crossed I don't get dinged with a customs bill...

    Alouette, how much was the one on sale??

    Ssense has a cream one for $750 and its even in Canada but then again its not burgundy/purple....

    The bag looks better with the zipper open....I saw pics of the one on fashionphile, its nice but its black!
  7. Love it!! The color and the zipper details look great!!!
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    I received the bag today, in record time and I'm super impressed with forward's packaging!

    The colour is insanely gorgeous and more purple than burgundy, but hey I love purple too, so I love the colour!

    The big problem is that it's too big on me. I took some reveal pics as well as a quick modeling picture before packing her up again....

    So saaaaad....
    image-152298234.jpg image-93377063.jpg image-2073562759.jpg image-519643402.jpg image-3520766361.jpg
  9. Def too big on you...maybe they'll come out with a smaller version
  10. I hope so...I was hoping she would be perfect after making such a long trip from California all the way to Ontario, Canada! Alas, she's already on the way back :shame::shucks:
  11. Aw, so sad to hear that your'e returning that bag. I agree it's way too big. Yes, a smaller version would be perfect. I would buy one if it was smaler.

    What a shame!! Money well saved I suppose. GL finding another alternative. Have you any?
  12. No alternatives...just whatever catches my eyes...
  13. Wondering if Givenchy will make a variation of this color in a smaller size.

    I dropped by Barney's today and saw a black smaller version of this bag. It appeared more manageable in size. The bag at Barney's was black. I didn't catch the price or try it on but it looks considerably smaller than yours.

    Do you recall if the tags on your bag stated that it was a medium or large?
  14. The listing said it was a medium size and the measurements seemed reasonable on paper! but I didn't measure it again once it arrived and the bag had no tags!

  15. Ah, ok. It appears to be the larger of the two versions. Seems to be that the large version you purchased had an MSRP of $1600. The smaller version is around $14xx.

    Another instance of the inconsistencies of Givenchy size references amongst online retailers. Looks like forward refers to this tote as medium when it's the larger size.

    How was the leather on the bag? I know it's lambskin but did it feel low maintenance?