opinions on this Givenchy bag from Barneys.com?

  1. Givenchy Clarabelle large Boston satchel. $1,795.00

    Givenchy bag.jpg
  2. Hmmm...undecided on this one...I wish there was a modelling pic available... :shrugs: Hard to tell how big it is and how it would look on...
  3. I like the shape, but I'm not loving those buckles. Maybe if they didn't have those 2 huge center buckles, I'll like it more.
  4. If i had that kinda of cash I wouldn't be chosing this bag. Just to plain for me.
  5. the aspect that really bothers me is the length of the 2 front straps... i feel like they'd be aeasily bent or just flap around? interesting visual...:p
  6. I have that bag. It is heavy and it is big. I got mine from Internix sale for $1295. I had previously tried it on in Jeffrey's in Atlanta, so I new what I was getting myself into. I was just waiting for a good sale.

    It's beautiful. The leather is like luggage. Thick and very sturdy. I would go and see IRL before I bought. The handles are adjustable. You can unbuckle them and make them longer. Great for carrying over the shoulder.

    There is nothing easily bent on this bag. The straps are thick and the hardware is substantial!

    It's a helluva bag!
  7. Thanks for the info. Greenie! I am drawn to this bag. I expected it to be big --I was thinking along the lines of the YSL Rive Gauche--so that doesn't put me off a bit. Congrats on your lovely bag. It has that sort of chic, glam, schoolboy-tote vibe going on, I think. And I like that you don't see Givenchy bags coming and going.

    I have also been interested in the Chloe quilted Bay bag in black (and I never usually care for Chloe bags!)

  8. I went to the Intermix web site. Unfortunately, it's not marked down there. Here's their description:

    "Givenchy's instantly recognizable Boston bag, here in a black lightly textured leather. It closes with a 5" foldover leather flap and 4 1/2" wide light gold rectangular buckle (magnetic closure). The same flap/buckle treatment is echoed underneath, adorning a wide outer pocket. The bag measures 12" tall by 15" wide by 8" deep, with a 20" top zipper with extended leather tabs and goldtone hardware accents. The leather handles have extended leather straps with buckle detail, and allow for an 6" drop. Lined, with one interior zippered pocket and two patch pockets. Metal feet. In black"
  9. Luisaviaroma has these available on pre-order...

    Givenchy white from LVR.jpg Givenchy beige from LVR.jpg
  10. I don't really care for it, and that's a lot of money for it IMO.
  11. I don't care for all of the buckles and the lighter color leathers look too shiny for my taste. :push:
  12. Thanks, Cosmo. I love it. :heart: It is a very chic bag. Not everyone gets it so you don't see it coming and going. I get a lot of compliments on this bag. It's one of those bags that will last a lifetime.

    Keep checking the Intermix site for sales. It's been on sale once, it will go again. Also, call Barney's and see if it's on sale there. Sometimes its on sale in the store but not on line.

    The only drawback about LVR is that you will have to pay shipping, import fees, and a EU to $$ conversion penalty from your credit card. It doesnt always work out unless it's drastically cheaper than US.

  13. I think it looks too boring.