opinions on this FURLA accessory?

  1. I had the craziest notion (hey I'm feverish alright!) about buying this for when I'm say at the mall or at the beach.. somewhere in my cargos and I have this sticking out of my back pocket. I figured I could use it to protect my bag from my lip gloss and eyeliner or when I get a nano.. or for a coffee run and I just need cash?

    Or is it too childish and I should give it away? I already look like I'm 14 so should I pass? Or is it too cute to pass up? TIA:flowers:
  2. Would the dimensions matter?
  3. anyone?
  4. aarti, I love it! it is completely adorable and if you would use it then keep it! I love Furla!
  5. thanks for the response Uhkiwi! I always get a little antsy when it comes to not knowing if I should keep something or not.