Opinions on this Free People jumper?

  1. Ive been eyeing this for a while and its now on sale!!!:yahoo: I can think of so many ways to wear it...BUT I cannot decided on the color and its driving me crazy!

    Which one looks better? (By the way, Id probably wear a tank under it or something instead of just my bra! And Im fair skinned, brown hair, blue eyes if that might change the way it would look.)
  2. This dress is sooo cute! I am a Free People fanatic, and I can tell you that I'm going to try to find the purple one for myself. With tights, knee socks, and boots, it will be adorable.
  3. Cute. Both colors are cute, but I like the brown one more because you can see the color gradients better.
  4. Lovely! I'd go with the brown. I think you can get more wear out of this colourway, and it's hot for fall!
  5. Shoeangel: I know isnt their stuff amazingly cute?!?!

    Qtiekiki: Thats what I was thinking but I also thought that maybe the purple would bring out my eyes a bit? Brown does show the color difference more though.

    Any more opinions? Im having such a hard time!
  6. I like the brown one better!
  7. I like the purple better.
  8. Brown is the safer choice, but the purple one is much livelier.
  9. Definitely the brown. It could definitely be cute on the right person!
  10. i prefer for the brown one... you can combined it with other color...
  11. So far brown looks like the best option! Ill buy it before they are all gone...but if purple becomes cheaper, Ill get that too. :angel:
  12. So where can I get this dress? I checked Free People and Nordstrom online.
  13. They still have the purple one on Free People here
  14. that is a cute jumper...i would get the brown
  15. They are also on UO site. Here.